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Our Mother´s arms are open embracing and protecting everyone. It is like a cloak represented by a key, which means “opening”, encompassing the world and its people. This key joined with the “M” represents the universe, where our Congregation of Daughters of Mercy tries to expand in the different countries where the Franciscan houses are open.

The first letters on the new logo mark the ideal of the Congregation, followers of Francis of Assisi. The Franciscans will be the first union of the key of Mercy with the definition of the ideal.

The last words highlight the meaning of Mercy. These twelve letters that spread like drops of water, like the fire of the spirit over the world and its people call for a future with “good and profitable things”. These twelve letters could also symbolize twelve colors: spirit, social justice, diversity, education, health, ecology, equality, forgiveness, food, peace, progress and vocation.

This logo, simple in its outline, is a brand made by people for people. The outline design of the “M” and the key want to be “popular”. The letters protected by this “M” (cloak) are clear and concise, easy to read, to draw and to communicate.

The color of this new image is blue. The color that has always identified the Congregation as the “Monges Blaves”, blue nuns. This is why the simplicity is reflected by this single color.